No School LeviesThe ministry of education has abolished all school levies for lower basic schools

School Improvement Grant Evaluation

EFANet will conduct an evaluation study on the School Improvement Grant(SIG). The Evaluation is covering four schools per educational region as well as focus group discussion to solicit the necessary information from parents, pupils, teachers and education adminstrators to measure their understanding of the sensitization campaign on the SIG. The study will also look at the impact of the grants on teachers, teaching and learning as well as other issues that has been raised during the campaign. Already the questionnaires for the evaluation have been developed and tested.The ministry of education has provided cluster monitors from the regions to conduct the study. A one day training of the cluster monitors was conducted today, January,30th 2014. The purpose of the training was to familiarize them with tools and the methodology. The results will be used to further engage the Ministry of Education and other stakeholders to improve on the delivery of the sensitization process including the use of the communication messages. It will also be used to engage other partners such as the School Management Committees to better inform the communities and parents about the SIG.

Frequently asked question about the School Improvement Grant for lower basic schools:

  1. When does a parent pay school levies for their child?

    The ministry of education has abolished all school levies for lower basic schools. No parent or student should pay school levies. Starting from September 2014 school levies for upper basic schools will be abolished.

  2. My child needs a transfer to another school. I am asked to pay for a transfer fee. Do I need to pay this?

    No, all school levies, including transfer and admission fees, have been abolished.

  3. A fundraising event has been organised. Can I participate in a fundraising activity?

    Yes, as a parent or student you can participate. However it is not an obligation.

  4. The school is organising an excursion, should I pay for my child?

    No, the school improvement grant can be used for paying excursions. Parents do not have to pay any levies for excursions.

  5. Who decides how the SIG is spent?

    Every school develops a School Improvement Plan together with the SMC. The spending of the SIG will be dependent upon this plan. The Regional Education Directorate has to approve the plan.

  6. Can the school use the SIG to pay teachers' salaries?

    No, the SIG cannot be used to pay salaries, gifts or hospitality.

  7. Can the (head) teacher ask students to pay school levies to meet extra costs?

    No, MoBSE has abolished all school levies for lower basic schools from September 2013.

  8. How much money will lower basic schools receive for each child per year?

    Based on the enrolment figures GMD100 per student will be paid and GMD150 for schools located in designated hardship areas. The release of the third term's part of the grant will be based on the school's participation rate in the NAT.

  9. Can we raise funds for the school?

    Schools should continue to raise funds through fund-raising events, the school farms and garden, through donations etcs to complement the SIG.

  10. Can children be sent home because the school fears they will not do well in the NAT?

    All children registered for the NAT have to write to the Test.

  11. Our school needs major repairs. Can we pay for this from the SIG?

    The SIG cannot be used to fund major repairs. Minor repairs of furniture and buildings can be funded by the SIG.

  12. Can school based workshops be funded by the SIG?

    Yes, school and cluster based workshops, trainings and capacity building for teachers can be funded by the SIG.

  13. We don't have an account with GTUCCU, can I still receive the SIG?

    The SIG will only be paid to a GTUCCU/CESCU account.

  14. In case of an emergency can the head teacher use the grant funds to pay for it?

    No, under no circumstances should the SIG be spent without prior approval of the SMC and RED and outside the SIP.