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About Us


EFANet is a National Education Coalition that advocate for the realization of quality education for all in The Gambia. The network also aims to influence policy changes by mobilizing, building and strengthening the capacity of civil society effectively for the realization, of quality education for all. EFANet was established in 2002, in response to the Dakar Framework for Action (2000), which called for civil society participation in the formulation, implementation and monitoring of education policies and for regular dialogue with government in the implementation of these policies. While the obligation to uphold the right to education and attain the EFA goals rests with the national governments, civil society has been, and remains, a recognized and significant actor within the framework of EFA.

EFANet is recognized as a legitimate and credible education coalition that engages collaboratively with government in its efforts to attain the EFA goals (2000) and the Millennium Development (2000-2015) and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) 2015-2030. The diversity of the membership made up of non-governmental, community and faith based organizations, The Gambia Teacher’s Union (GTU) and the media has been the decisive factor in making EFANet a strong EFA movement which is recognized and respected at all levels in and outside The Gambia. Through capacity building and training programmes, knowledge sharing, regular dialogue and partnerships EFANet capacity has been strengthened, enhancing its recognition and ability to engage with government.

Being a member of the Global Campaign on Education (GCE) for All and the African Campaign on Education for All (ANCEFA) has added weight to EFANet and has helped in securing funding, knowledge sharing and capacity building. ANCEFA also plays the role of interlocutor between the national and global level, especially through the GCE and has amplified its voice at the regional and global levels.

The Civil Society Education Fund (CSEF) has contributed to substantially to the financial sustainability of the Network and enabled EFANet to carry out a credible EFA advocacy campaign.

EFANet comprises of Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs), The Gambia Teachers’ Union (GTU) and Civil Society Organizations that are actively involved in education. The main objective of the network is to advocate for access to quality education for all in The Gambia.

Meet the Team


Kebba Omar Jarjusey

National Coordinator


Fatou Ceesay Dampha

Finance and Admin Officer

IMG_1646 MAJ

Margaret Adama Jallow

Program Officer

Musa - Pic

Musa Jobateh

Program Assistant

Fatou Fatty

Fatou Fatty

Advocacy Officer

IMG-20220923-WA0024-mcolley -1

Mariama Colley

Finance & Admin Assistant

IMG-20220923-WA0025-fmboge -1

Fatou Mboge

Office Assistant

Alagie Lamin Njie

Alhagie Lamin Njie


Ismaila Camara

Ismaila camara

Office Security

Mbegaye Colley -1

Mbengeh Collely

Office Cleaner


installation & project development

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